The Miraculous Healing

I fell sick on 10th September 2009 and was taken to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed me with cerebral malaria. I started on the treatment that was prescribed and saw some improvement in my health about the period of April 2010. However, later on, I fell sick again and was diagnosed with brucellosis. As I underwent treatment for it, the doctors discovered that I was a sickle cells carrier.

I used to suffer from severe joint pain and also experienced alot of pain in my diaphragm area. As a result, I could not walk long distances, could not run and could not do any heavy duty. Any attempt to do these would have me tire out very easily or cause my legs to swell.

When I did a further check up, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. Within no time, I started to experience terrible headaches. I fainted at a certain point and was taken back to Mulago hospital where a brain scan was done. The scan revealed that a nerve in my brain was dying every day. I was informed that I had only six days to live. The doctors asked me to stay in the hospital so that a number of tests could be run. It was decided that an operation was necessary.

The operation required the consent of a family member. However, by this time, my entire family had given up on me because of the recurrent sicknesses. I called a friend of mine named Becky to come and stay with me at the hospital.

When I called Becky, she requested me to tell the doctors not to do anything until she arrives. When she arrived, she took me out of the hospital to her room in Makerere University. On the way there, I fainted several times. When I regained my consciousness, I found myself in her room on a drip. She and a couple of her friends were praying for me as a result of which I recovered a bit of my strength.

She told me that we were going to a church in Naguru to meet the man of God Apostle Grace Lubega. I also fainted several times before reaching the church. In Naguru, Apostle Grace Lubega prayed for me, declared health in my life and decreed that I would never be sick again. The effect was instantaneous. I walked and jumped like I had never done before. It has been two years now and I have neither fainted nor fallen sick!


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