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Healed of Intense Back Pain

For about three weeks, I had a very discomforting and piercing pain in the upper part of my back. During the day, I could feel very an uneasy while seated, continually having to change posture.

On returning home, I would be compelled to lie on the floor to attain some sort of relief. This went on till the day I was attending Phaneroo 144 at UMA Upper Gardens.

At the end of the service, as the crowd was dispersing, Apostle Grace called out for a lady who had been having a sharp pain in the upper part of the back so he could pray for her. I moved forward believing I was that person. After he prayed and rebuked the pain, I became completely fine.

In the days that followed, I was able to sit comfortably unlike before. My back is totally well now.

Praise be to God! The Victory belongs to Jesus!

Patricia M

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Malaria leaves during livestream

I had malaria for two days that left me feeling dizzy and with a severe headache.

Last Thursday, the 13th of July 2013, I attended the Jinja Phaneroo live stream session. However, I felt so weak and had to be supported to walk.

As the Man of God was ministering the word, the headache and dizziness disappeared. I found that I was able to stand on my own throughout the meeting.

I testify that I have received complete healing by the power in the Word.


Aryanyijuka Ronnet

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Ceaseless Headaches Vanish after Prayer

The testimony: While I was in primary three about the year 2003, I developed severe chronic headaches.

They often caused me to vomit especially when I was hungry. I had to take regular pain killers in order to ease the condition.

On the 2nd of March 2017, I attended the Phaneroo service at UMA Multipurpose Hall Lugogo. Apostle Grace prayed for the sick and specifically said that problems of headaches were ending. In an instant, the headache TOTALLY stopped. It is over four months now and I have not had a headache since.

I give thanks to God for His goodness.

Derrick Walyemwa


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God’s Word Knows No Bounds

The testimony: For two weeks, my father Mr. Jorocham could not walk without an aid or support. This was because of an operation he had had.

On Tuesday 20th June 2017, I was at the Phaneroo ministry office where Apostle Grace spoke a word of knowledge about my dad’s condition and said “your dad will walk”.

When I got home, I found my father up on his feet walking on his own, totally restored.

I give glory to God!Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.



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Longtime Rib Cage Pain Healed

I was troubled with pain on the left side of my ribs from childhood. Because of this, I had difficulty bending and stretching my body.

On 22nd June, 2017 while attending Phaneroo fellowship at the UMA grounds, I approached one of the pastors to pray for my healing.

When the pastor laid hands on me, I felt something vibrate through my body and immediately, the pain left.

I am now totally pain-free and able to bend and stretch with ease. Praise the Lord!

Eunice Gift

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Swelling disappeared instantly!

I suffered with intermittent swellings in my armpits, since September 2016.

During phaneroo 132, when he had finished teaching the word, Apostle Grace started to pray for the sick, and he said that he could see swellings disappear. He asked those who had all forms of swellings on their bodies to raise their hands and receive healing.

As I raised my hands, I felt a heat-like sensation go through my armpit.
After the prayer, I checked and the swelling was gone!

Praise the Lord!

Timothy Omongin

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Delivered from Mental Oppression and Bad Dreams

For almost a year, I used to hear strange unclear voices in my head which would bring fear and anxiety. This would make me lose mental focus and get disorganized. Pain started developing in my heart. I also started having strange dreams with spiritual husbands for close to 5 months.

While attending the Phaneroo service on Thursday 23rd February 2017 at UMA Lugogo, Apostle Grace clearly pointed out my issue saying that, there was someone present who had pain in the heart and had been hearing voices and having strange dreams. He declared that God was healing me.

From then the pain left, the voices in my head, and the dreams stopped. I am totally well. Glory to the Lord Jesus!

Busingye Shamim

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Healed of a Six-Month Long Toe Infection

Six months ago, I developed a painful infection in my foot that affected my toe. My toe nails came off and I had to replace them with artificial nails.

During the Phaneroo service on Thursday 23rd February 2017 at UMA Lugogo, while Apostle Grace was ministering, he specifically mentioned that God was in the process of healing someone who had sick toe nails.

The pain eased and the healing began. I am now free from the infection and my nails are growing. Hallelujah. I give thanks to our God who is true and living.

Sheema Mary

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Healed of a chronic nose problem

For as long as I can recall, I had a complication with my nose getting blocked and paining a lot. It would come in bouts that would usually last at least three weeks at ago, I would require medication to relieve the pain.

On Thursday 23rd February, 2017, I was attending the Phaneroo service at UMA. I had just had a recurrence of the nose issue two days before. As I sat listening to Apostle Grace preaching, I was confident that the pain would leave and didn’t mind it. I kept checking to see if it had left. Then after a few times, I realised that all the pain had suddenly left! I rushed to the front when Apostle Grace asked for testimonies. Since then, I am totally well. Glory to God.

Duncan Katamba

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Freed from pain

I had pain in my right leg since October 2016. I don’t know what had caused it.
Sometimes, it felt like blood was not flowing in this leg. I always felt so much pain whenever I wore shoes.

During Phaneroo fellowship on 19th January 2017, Apostle Grace gave a word of knowledge saying, “there is someone here with pain in the right leg”, and then he spoke healing.

The PAIN LEFT! Since then, I am completely fine.
Praise the Lord!

Esther Ruth

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