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Mental Oppression For 5 Years

For 5 years, I suffered continuous mental problems. I was prone to tactile hallucinations where I would often feel things like insects moving in my head. I could barely keep focused when this happened and very rarely slept peacefully.

This affected my relationships.
I was always running away from home and my personal work suffered tremendously.

On Saturday 12th August, 2017, I attended the 3rd Phaneroo Anniversary celebrations. I was expectant for a solution and end to my misery.

During the service, Apostle Grace prayed for the sick, proclaiming healing of different conditions. Immediately I started to feel relief in my mind and from that day forward my mind was totally restored.
I began to sleep peacefully and stopped running away from home.
I also went on to start my own brick making business.

After many years of oppression and being restored, I give all the praise and glory back to God.

Muyomba Boaz

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Swelling Disappears

I had a swelling on the right lower side of my stomach right from my childhood. I also had pain around the umbilical area.
When I was in primary seven, over nine years ago, the swelling worsened increasing in size.
I visited the doctor severally without much success.

Last year on the 12th of August 2017, I attended the 3rd Anniversary celebrations of Phaneroo Ministries.
While ministering that day, Apostle Grace Lubega prayed for the healing power of God to manifest. He mentioned that all manner of conditions were being healed including swellings.

Aware of my condition, I checked my stomach with expectancy only to be shocked; the swelling was totally gone!
Instantly, the swelling that had caused me so much trouble for most of my life was gone, totally healed!

I give thanks to God for His compassion. I continually praise Jesus. Hallelujah!

Komuhimbo Ricklyn

Contact us: Your victory is our story. Send us your testimony at or 0701039331/0782750708

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Chronic Back Pain For 5 Years

I truly bless God for healing my back!

About 5 years ago, I felt my back snap and immediately developed back pain. The pain became frequent and subsequently I couldn’t over-exert myself with heavy manual tasks. 

On 3rd May 2018, I attended the Phaneroo 187 service at UMA show grounds. When the preaching was done, Apostle Grace Lubega started praying for the sick. He particularly mentioned that people with back pain were being healed that very moment.

I checked my back immediately and the pain was totally gone!  I am completely fine now with no more pain. Praise the Lord!

Andrew Rwamalaki

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Chronic Headache Healed

I thank God who healed me!

I used to experience regular and severe headaches for 15years.
For as long as I can remember, I would often have to deal with sudden throbbing headaches which would last a couple of days at a time.

On Sunday 20th May, 2018, I went for the Phaneroo Sunday Fellowship at UMA Multi-purpose Hall.
I was feeling the headache even then.
During the service, Apostle Grace asked to pray for anyone who was suffering from any chronic condition and from any illness that had refused to go.
I went to the front where he prayed, laying hands on me to receive healing.

Shortly after the prayer, the headache I had been experiencing reduced and within a day it was no more.
Praise the Lord!

Simon Ojok

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Chest Complications From Childhood Healed

I suffered from cough and chronic chest pain from the time I was a child.
Every time I was exposed to cold, the condition worsened.
As an example, I would never ride on a “boda boda” (motorcycle) without wrapping shawls around my neck.

On the Sunday of 20th May 2018, I attended the Phaneroo Sunday Fellowship at UMA Multi-purpose Hall.
During the service Apostle Grace mentioned that he had been led to pray for a specific group of people suffering chronic illnesses of any kind and asked them to move forward to the platform.

In response, I stood up and joined the group moving forward to the platform.
He laid hands and prayed for each of us.
From that day, I experienced a remarkable change in my chest.
I have not been experiencing any difficulties with breathing as before. The heavy breathing and coughing totally ceased.
After over 29 years with this condition, I am healed! Hallelujah!

Glory to God, may His name be praised!

Judith Nalweyiso


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Healed of Esophageal Varices (blood condition)

I testify of the Lord’s healing hand in my life. I had been battling a condition for 3 years that made me vomit blood often, experience a lot of pain and was on very costly medication. Medical diagnosis revealed that I had a condition called esophageal varices which was affecting my abdomen.

On Thursday 12th April, 2018, I attended the Phaneroo 184 service and while I was not in good condition, I was expectant to receive healing. Indeed the Lord is faithful, as we were praising and worshiping, suddenly, the nausea disappeared and I could no longer feel any pain. A week later, I am in good health and the condition is no more.

Glory to God!

Abdul Rahazi

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Loosed from stomach ulcers of 7 years

I developed stomach ulcers sometime in 2010 and consequently had a lot pain whenever I skipped any meals. To manage the condition for the past 7 years, I had to take extreme care to have meals on time.

Since the start of 2017, I begun attending Phaneroo service every Thursday and have been experiencing a transformation in my life including a great improvement in my grades. During the Phaneroo 149 service on Thursday 27th July, 2017, I experienced complete healing in my stomach as Apostle Grace proclaimed that healing was taking place.

In the days that followed, I didn’t feel any recurrence of ulcers. I managed to do a fast for 2 days and did not have any ulcer attack.

I want to praise God for He is forever good and by His stripes, we were healed.

Maggie Florence

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Chronic Stomach Ulcers of Over 7 Years Healed

The testimony: In 2010, I developed stomach ulcers and continually depended on different medication such as syrups and tablets for relief. Also, diet had to be limited to selected foods. I was no stranger to sudden attacks of pain from inflammation to the extent that I was once scheduled for an operation.

On the evening of Thursday 27th July 2017, I was at UMA Upper Gardens attending the Phaneroo service; towards the close, Apostle Grace laid hands on me to receive healing of ulcers. Immediately, the pain started to wear off and in a matter of days, I could not feel a single trace of pain.
I found that I was now able to eat all foods even those considered acidic that I could not touch before such as matooke and pineapple. The ulcer-attacks, sudden and excruciating days of pain and constant medication are now a thing of the past.

I am amazed by the love of God. I give glory to the name of Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Sandra Nangobi


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Instantly Healed of Painful Cysts

In December 2017, I began developing cysts on different parts of my body. I had treatment but strangely, they kept re occurring.

On Thursday, 11th January 2018, at Phaneroo 171, I was in pain from the cysts on my back and leg.

But during the service, Apostle Grace was ministering healing from the pulpit and he gave a word of knowledge to my specific condition saying, “If you have a cyst, check yourself cysts are disappearing, there is person with a swelling on your leg, I want you to check it, I feel God is healing a swelling on the leg…”

The ways of Lord are truly wonderful, in that very moment, the pain in the cyst TOTALLY LEFT and I realised it had even decreased in size. I came for the service in pain but it was no more, praise be to God for this miracle.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Rebecca  Karungi


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Instantly Healed of 3 Year Abdominal Pain

Praise God, I testify of the Lord’s goodness. During Phaneroo 174 meeting held on Thursday 1st February, 2018, I received healing of a pain on the left side of my abdomen which started about 2014. 

When Apostle Grace mentioned that God was healing someone with pain on the left kidney, while touching his left side, the pain in my abdomen suddenly vanished. I am extremely grateful to God for manifesting his power because I had reached a point where I was so used to the pain, but now I enjoy this peace the Lord has given me.

Glory to Jesus Christ, he is the same yesterday, today and for ever!

Racheal Kirabo

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Chronic Abdominal Pain Leaves While Viewing Testimony

I had abdominal complications since 2012 and in this period of 5 years, I was continuously dealing with pain in my stomach.

On the 31st December at the crossover overnight service, while watching the testimony-segment, I received an impartation of faith while watching the videos of healings and all the pain in my stomach suddenly disappeared and I was fully restored.

After a very long time of carrying pain, I am now completely healed. I give thanks to the Lord for His Presence and Papa Grace for ministering to us.

Namaya Rodgers


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Paralysing Pain in Right Thigh Healed

I started experiencing a sudden sharp pain in the right thigh during March of 2017. I could hardly stand for 15 minutes before developing pain tending to paralysis.

This pain lasted for about a week until 30th March when I attended the Phaneroo weekly service at UMA. During the service, Apostle Grace was ministering and he prayed for all who were sick or had pain and commanded all pain to leave. In an instant all the pain in my right thigh left; my thigh was totally restored and I nolonger had any problem standing for longer periods.

I give honour and praise to Jesus!

Timothy Ongom


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