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Swelling disappeared instantly!

I suffered with intermittent swellings in my armpits, since September 2016.

During phaneroo 132, when he had finished teaching the word, Apostle Grace started to pray for the sick, and he said that he could see swellings disappear. He asked those who had all forms of swellings on their bodies to raise their hands and receive healing.

As I raised my hands, I felt a heat-like sensation go through my armpit.
After the prayer, I checked and the swelling was gone!

Praise the Lord!

Timothy Omongin

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Delivered from Mental Oppression and Bad Dreams

For almost a year, I used to hear strange unclear voices in my head which would bring fear and anxiety. This would make me lose mental focus and get disorganized. Pain started developing in my heart. I also started having strange dreams with spiritual husbands for close to 5 months.

While attending the Phaneroo service on Thursday 23rd February 2017 at UMA Lugogo, Apostle Grace clearly pointed out my issue saying that, there was someone present who had pain in the heart and had been hearing voices and having strange dreams. He declared that God was healing me.

From then the pain left, the voices in my head, and the dreams stopped. I am totally well. Glory to the Lord Jesus!

Busingye Shamim

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Healed of a Six-Month Long Toe Infection

Six months ago, I developed a painful infection in my foot that affected my toe. My toe nails came off and I had to replace them with artificial nails.

During the Phaneroo service on Thursday 23rd February 2017 at UMA Lugogo, while Apostle Grace was ministering, he specifically mentioned that God was in the process of healing someone who had sick toe nails.

The pain eased and the healing began. I am now free from the infection and my nails are growing. Hallelujah. I give thanks to our God who is true and living.

Sheema Mary

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Healed of a chronic nose problem

For as long as I can recall, I had a complication with my nose getting blocked and paining a lot. It would come in bouts that would usually last at least three weeks at ago, I would require medication to relieve the pain.

On Thursday 23rd February, 2017, I was attending the Phaneroo service at UMA. I had just had a recurrence of the nose issue two days before. As I sat listening to Apostle Grace preaching, I was confident that the pain would leave and didn’t mind it. I kept checking to see if it had left. Then after a few times, I realised that all the pain had suddenly left! I rushed to the front when Apostle Grace asked for testimonies. Since then, I am totally well. Glory to God.

Duncan Katamba

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Freed from pain

I had pain in my right leg since October 2016. I don’t know what had caused it.
Sometimes, it felt like blood was not flowing in this leg. I always felt so much pain whenever I wore shoes.

During Phaneroo fellowship on 19th January 2017, Apostle Grace gave a word of knowledge saying, “there is someone here with pain in the right leg”, and then he spoke healing.

The PAIN LEFT! Since then, I am completely fine.
Praise the Lord!

Esther Ruth

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Healed through listening to a sermon

For three years, I had terrible back pains every morning. Sometimes I would cry because of too much pain.

One morning, during the first week of February 2017, I happened to be listening into a sermon that was playing on my friend’s mobile phone, when I heard the preacher call out someone, who he said had a problem with their back.
I learnt from my friend, that the preacher was called Apostle Grace Lubega.

He said that, God was going to sort the back issue.
The preacher then instructed this person to walk in the preacher’s shadow 7 times.
I counted along, and then immediately got up at the 7th.

The back PAIN LEFT instantly! I am now completely fine. Glory to God!

Eshan Natukunda

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Delivered from an 11-year old habit

For a whole 11 years , I struggled with the habit of eating clay.

During Phaneroo fellowship on 9th February 2017, Apostle Grace Lubega mentioned a word of knowledge that, God was going to deliver people who struggled with the habit of eating clay, even those who occasionally craved it. He said, “humans are not supposed to eat soil”.
He then asked that such people go to the front to be prayed for.
I was among those that went forth.

When I got back home that night, I threw away all the clay that I had kept.
Since then, I am COMPLETELY DELIVERED from eating clay!

I give praise and honour to the Almighty!

Resty Naava

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Healed through video livestream

I had serious backpains since Primary four,  the result of a motorcycle accident. Whenever I did housework, the pain would be unbearable.
However,  all this stopped on Thursday,  10th November,  2016.

While watching the Phaneroo fellowship service via the video live stream at KIU Ishaka campus where I am currently a student,  Apostle Grace mentioned that God was healing back problems. I instantly  received my healing!

Since then,  I feel NO PAIN AT ALL,  glory to God!

Martha D. Anyang

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Freed from Stomach and Chest pain

I had chest pain since 2009 and felt it especially when carrying heavy things. I also had a strange pain in my abdomen whenever I needed to ease myself. I dreaded the moments I had to ease myself because of the pain I would experience.

While attending the Phaneroo fellowship on the 5th of January 2017, I started to feel the pain return in my abdomen and I told God that this pain had to stop that day. When the man of God, Apostle Grace prayed for healing to manifest, the pain left immediately. Since then I have never felt those pains. My chest is also fine. I am now free from pain, glory to God!

Rita Mugisha

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Painful swelling in back and hearing Problem

I had a swelling on the left side of my back for ten years which made that side disproportionate to the right. Whenever I tried to massage it, I would feel pain. I also had a hearing problem in my right ear that started in 2009, the result of which I would have to use my left ear when taking phone calls.

During the night of prayer at UMA, the swelling suddenly disappeared and pain stopped, my back is now perfectly healed. The hearing in my right ear was completely restored. I thank the Lord for healing me. Hallelujah!

Dinah Naigembe

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