Phaneroo Devotion

Faith is all the evidence that you need. As long as you have believed, rejoice like one in possession of
A poet of the Word is vigilant in expression. Silence is not an art form. You must do something with
Faith has no disqualifications because it is a liberty in God. Choose to believe God beyond the voice of personal
Submission is not all about imitation. You must ask the ultimate question, "Who is my father?" The answer is not
The God-way is within the bounds of perfect spiritual timing. If it is not the God-way of achieving something, don't
God has given you ALL THINGS that pertain to life and godliness. It is your part to receive in faith
The life of God in us manifests itself to the world as light.
Because you are one with God, you have the freedom to walk in the power of the Spirit to the
Mastery has laws, mediocracy is a lawless vice.
When God elevates you and causes you to shine, when He increases the circumference of your influence, when He sets
It is not the portion of the believer to seek and never find. It is his portion to find and
The world is in darkness and you are the light. Simply build your inner man and the world will turn
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