Phaneroo Devotion

We must understand, more than ever before, that synchronicities enable the Christian to live a patterned life and to better
One of the things I have come to understand is that no man or woman has been used by God
God is more desperate to get to men than men are desperate to get to Him. We are not seeking
Spiritual experiences require that one is also spiritually awakened. God is urging the Church to rise to higher spiritual consciousness
True meditation is the imprint of vision on revelation. The wishful thinker is not a participant in the vision of
Never put a future tense to the promises of God regarding any matter in your life; not only is doing
If a man is to agree with God, He must learn to possess revelation and not merely to hear and
The language is what gives meaning to what is spoken. The world of spirits responds to language more than it
Spiritual awareness is a requirement for every child of God because it is an infallible truth that events originate from
Let your dream be above understanding the liberties of the spirit. let it be your submission to what God sees,
When the Bible says that love edifies, it means that God wants us to yield to that love that seeks
When the land is good to you, it defends your ownership of the things you possess, favours your creations and
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