Phaneroo Devotion

The kingdom must be first in everything that you do. If you attend to God’s business, you never have to
No family is changed by mistake. Families are not redeemed by their hard work or lucky connections. It can only
Generational wealth is not built on the vastness of material possessions, it is built on the depth of the principles
God has given you more than enough and you will never need what belongs to your father.  If inheritance is
God does not want your family to live in a vicious generational cycle of starting from nothing. He wants to
God is stirring you to the understanding that the state of your family is your responsibility. You did not receive
What is happening to your family is not new.  From time immemorial, families have been through the fires of suffering.
The quality of your life is also defined by the quality of the lives of your family members. Great men
Family is God’s idea. It is important to God because, on the earthly plane, your identity is derived from the
Your creative abilities are defined by the level of your acquaintance with the realm of the spirit. You cannot create
It is a mark of wisdom to surround yourself with people who refresh your spirit. The degree to which you
Our maturity as Christians is defined by how yielded we are to the Spirit of God as He leads us.
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