Phaneroo Devotion

Servanthood precedes any office to which God appoints you or any responsibility you are entrusted with. It is the servant-heart
No matter how great you are, even the seemingly least significant person may have something to teach you about life;
A true lover of the presence of God is never in a hurry to leave the presence of the Lord.
Where counsel is not complete, there is a form of death.
While it is a commendable thing to hear the instructions of God, it is equally important that you also wait
Ministries, relationships, careers and businesses fail because men are not lovers of the truth. Divine assignments are not finished because
To be positioned in the right place at the right time, you must yield yourself to the leading of the
By submission, you become a partaker of the grace of your spiritual authority(Philippians 1:7); by submission, you become a beneficiary
One of the things that positions you in the spirit is the message you listen to. This is why it
At every stage of your life, your faith will be tried because this trial is a cornerstone in the patterns
If Jesus healed all diseases then, He heals all diseases now. He makes no exceptions based on the name science
You are a spirit being, child of God. The Lord requires that you grow more aware of spiritual time because
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