Phaneroo Devotion

If you commit to perform a task that concerns the Kingdom of God, do it with enthusiastic excellence. If you
The Phaneroo Devotion: Of Generational Mantles English Acholi Lango Kiswahili Runyoro - Rutoro English Apostle Grace LubegaPsalm 71:18 (KJV); Now
The Phaneroo Devotion: Prayer That Births Revival English English Apostle Grace Lubega2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV); If my people, which are
The Spirit of God is kind, gentle, humble, virtuous, and exceeding in compassion. The anointed must be a reflection of
The man functioning by the anointing on the inside has been dealt with and taught by God and is not
God, in His divine wisdom, may never justify you before certain men in this lifetime. Instead of clinging to your
The Holy Ghost must be your primary teacher! There is nothing that He cannot teach you. There is no reality
Sometimes, the gaps in your faith are in the services you did not attend, the sermons you missed and the
God has a plan for your life. Are you interested in that plan? If you are, then you should make
Asking God requires you to be direct and specific. Be confident that your Father hears you. Tell Him about what
When God introduces a man, that man does not need the favour of men to earn significance. God is His
The world must not learn from us everything that is wrong with the Church. The love of God must teach
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