Phaneroo Devotion

There are many principles that ensure that a man does not waste: diligence, commitment, fervency, churning your gift, excelling in
Whatever we minister must be translated as an invitation to men to the places in God that He seeks to
Your gift only positions you but it does not define the excellence of your service to God. It is only
Excelling in your service to God means that you undertake your tasks pertaining to ministry and the gospel with a
Deeper depths into divine truths are available any time, and to anyone who makes the choice to see. Every time
Cultivate intimacy with God. Let it be your personal ambition to know Him for yourself. That is the uniqueness of
When God gives you His vision for your life, you will always pray the right way.
We are not a generation that recycles sermons and spiritual experiences. We are not they that speak the same old
Destiny is time bound. The milestones of God are tagged to the appointed times of the Spirit.
The power of revelation is that it redeems spiritual time.
As believers, we must be alert and keen to when God intends to do certain things in our lives so
Meditation is always mentioned in the same breath with success, profiting and prosperity because it is a creative force.
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