Phaneroo Devotion

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God can ask you to do the same thing differently. If you, because of familiarity, decide to resort to the
If it's not your fight, leave it.
God is fully cognizant of the fact that the labourers are few yet the harvest is plentiful. For this reason,
Sometimes, to fight right is not to fight. Not every slur on your character, ministry or life’s work should be
In the face of the Word, the devil faces a real existential threat because this is what made him. The
As the Church, we are at the gates of hell and our mission is depopulating it. 
Your true enemy is the devil, not your brethren, fellow pastor or neighbour. Understand who exactly you are dealing with.
Develop an unquenchable zeal for His Word. Study it like a man or woman on a mission. Dissect it and
Assumptions about how to make it in life will not help you. You must UNDERSTAND what is required of you.
God is in the business of preparing hearts for elevation and success. Allow Him to break and bend you if
It is God’s desire to always prepare you before an assignment and not during an assignment. This is because the
Recognise it when you are under preparation by the Spirit. Maximise the moments and lessons available from God during this
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