Phaneroo Devotion

True vision starts with God, His leading and His instruction.
You have a part in the gospel and there is a great mandate upon your life. However, that mandate only
Family prayer is the arena in which feuds are settled, children are aligned, generational wealth is preserved, marriages are fixed
When you became Born Again, you were born into a new family of believers of men of faith with a
God wants to change the destiny of your family through you, that salvation will reign; that cycles of poverty, demonic
No man becomes great by innate ability alone. Many talented men have gone down to the grave full of unfulfilled
The realm of mysteries is one into which we are invited by God. In these places of invitation, the clarity
There is no spiritual reality that the new man in Christ cannot bear. It does not matter how deep the
God wants you to rise above the affliction in your body, the state of your finances or of your family
Every quest for greatness begins with God: with His seed in us; His abilities in our spirits and His grace
You will not have true communion if you still have an attachment to the crowd or define intimacy with God
The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a one-off episode by which a man gets to speak in tongues.
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