Things That Make Ministers: Pangs

Apostle Grace Lubega

Galatians 4:19(KJV); My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you

Every minister of the gospel who understands the pangs of ministry must be able to endure men.

You may be crying for the anointing, for a big ministry and for the opportunity to serve in one capacity or other but are you ready to endure men?

Every increase of a ministry in numbers also comes with the increase in the number of possibly ‘difficult’ individuals.’

Will you be patient with them? Will you endure like a woman suffering birth pangs?

Some might insult you while you pastor them, some might go out of their way to subtract from your labours and make your life hard, will you continually bear the pain of a shepherd?

You may love a person and give them priority and tomorrow, they will walk out of the ministry on the slightest whim; you may serve another with all your heart and the next day, he will turn against you.

What do you do when your patience is stretched to breaking point? Will you continue to travail as a woman with birth pangs because Christ must be formed in them?

Will you pray for them, love them and still believe in them?

As a minister, you endure that hardship like a good soldier.

God did not send us to the righteous but to the difficult, the crazy and the stubborn.

Because you have pangs, you must make the choice every day not to take your hand off the plow.

That is a minister!

FURTHER STUDY: 2 Timothy 2:3, Luke 9:62


Every minister of the gospel who understands the pangs of ministry must be able to endure men.

PRAYER: My loving father, I am most grateful for your Word. I am strong in you because my strength is begotten of love. I endure hardship of all kinds like a good soldier conscious of the pangs by which Christ is formed in men. By my travails of love, patience and prayer, I see fruit everywhere I stand as a minister. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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