Loosed from stomach ulcers of 7 years

I developed stomach ulcers sometime in 2010 and consequently had a lot pain whenever I skipped any meals. To manage the condition for the past 7 years, I had to take extreme care to have meals on time.

Since the start of 2017, I begun attending Phaneroo service every Thursday and have been experiencing a transformation in my life including a great improvement in my grades. During the Phaneroo 149 service on Thursday 27th July, 2017, I experienced complete healing in my stomach as Apostle Grace proclaimed that healing was taking place.

In the days that followed, I didn’t feel any recurrence of ulcers. I managed to do a fast for 2 days and did not have any ulcer attack.

I want to praise God for He is forever good and by His stripes, we were healed.

Maggie Florence

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