Instantly Healed of 18 Months-Long Pain From Poisoning

I testify that after 18 months of pain, I was miraculously healed during the Phaneroo 152 service on Thursday 17th August, 2017.

In May 2016, I began experiencing body pains, mainly in the chest and stomach area. I sought medical attention and was told that my condition was a result of poisoning and was given a drug prescription. Unfortunately, the pain continued inspite of a long period of treatment and I eventually stopped taking the prescribed drugs out of frustration.

The day I received my healing, Apostle Grace called out saying, “there is someone here who was poisoned and you know that you were poisoned, come.” On hearing this, I hurried to the platform where the man of God prayed saying “The Lord is taking out that poison tonight, out!” In that moment, I found myself falling to the ground. I got up a few moments later and found that the chest pain and stomach aches were TOTALLY GONE.

After 18 long months of pain, I WAS NOW INSTANTLY HEALED!


Rogers Bright Ssebalu


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