God Restored My Daughter

In early 2015,  I met Apostle Grace at  the Phaneroo offices.  The purpose of my visit there was to seek prayer for my sister who was not well. 

During our meeting,  (it was short , around 10 minutes), Apostle got a word of knowledge that I had a daughter who was going to go crazy and asked that I bring her for prayer if possible.  I really didn’t understand the “going crazy” bit and thought perhaps, it meant she would go wild, partying and dating.  I did not pay attention to the word of knowledge nor did I pray about it.

A few months later, at the end of my daughter’s second year at university abroad, she called me saying that she had been in deep depression and had been referred to a Psychiatrist.  In addition, she had failed many exams, and had been wrongly accused of exam malpractice.   She had to face the University Board to decide her fate.  If found guilty of exam malpractice, she would never be accepted into a credible university anywhere in the world.

I was crushed  and confused as my daughter had always been a brilliant girl,  and of high integrity.

All of a sudden,  I remembered the word of knowledge Apostle Grace had received on this issue, earlier during the year.  I ran back to see him and he prayed for her (for about 5min).

Two months later, my daughter’ s University made a decision that she be allowed to repeat the year, AT NO COST (i.e. no school fees) and she was found NOT GUILTY of exam malpractice.  The bad record was removed from her file!

Since then, my daughter has successfully passed the academic year  she repeated, and is in FULL HEALTH.

I  thank Apostle for praying for us and I give all the Glory to God for my  daughter’s restoration!

Mama A

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