Run Your Race

Run Your Race

Apostle Grace Lubega

2 Corinthians 10:12, (KJV), For we dare not make ourselves of the number,or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves,and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

It is a lack of wisdom to compare yourself with any one. When you compare yourself to another, you will never have gratitude before God.

God has called you to run your own race, to keep your course. It doesn’t matter how successful your peers might be, how they might have made greater strides in life than you. You have your own story: write it with your own pen and not that of another man.

The success of another man can only be a lesson from which you learn. It should never be a bench mark against which you judge your capabilities or your sense of identity.

When a man uses the success of another to judge his sense of identity and his abilities, he births in himself the gull of bitterness. This bitterness in any one’s spirit is the very ground in which possibilities for growth wither and die.

FURTHER STUDY: Hebrews 12:1, John 21:22

It is a lack of wisdom to compare yourself with any one.

PRAYER: Father, I thank you for this wisdom. My identity and ability is not measured by what others have done and achieved but my understanding and knowledge of who I am in you. I know my race and course and follow after it with my eyes set on you the author and finisher of my faith. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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