In His Presence

Apostle Grace Lubega

Matthew 19:2(KJV); And great multitudes followed him, and he healed them there.

Jesus never gathered men and did nothing.

The scriptures record that every time people were in His presence, He healed, He delivered or transformed lives with His wisdom.

This is the understanding we ought to have every time we gather in His name.

We do not gather by our own will, power, or choice. The Bible says that no one comes to Him, lest He draws them (John 6:44).

Every time we come into His presence, it is because He has drawn us there.

He gathers us because He seeks to change us.

He gathers us because He wants to impact our lives.

He gathers us because He seeks to elevate us.

Purpose to always come in the presence of God with expectation and in this understanding.

His name be praised!

FURTHER STUDY: Matthew 18:20, John 6:44


Jesus never gathered men and did nothing.

PRAYER: Loving father, I thank you for this great Word. I stand on the blessed assurance that every time in your presence is an opportunity to grow, to experience you deeper and to understand you more. My heart is expectant that you are doing something new in my life. I can never be the same because I came before you this day. My ministry is changing, my finances are changing, my fellowship and communion with you is changing; everything about my life is changing, to the glory of your name. Amen.

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