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The Year Of The Manifestation Of The Light Of Sonship

The Year Of The Manifestation Of The Light Of Sonship

Apostle Grace Lubega, 1 January 2022

Every year, we gather to seek the face of God for the year. I come with so much conviction this year, mostly for the Church of Christ. Many signs are going to come from the church to wake up many because we are in the last days.

However there are some specific prayer points that I wish to share:


I had a vision of people with machetes and pangas cutting other people. The Lord told me it is a spirit and we must pray against it because it is shedding innocent blood.

I also heard something about food regarding their prices and availability. The Lord told me that food is spiritual. It is possible for a nation to waste, not because they have enough but they do not have the wisdom to use it the right way.  We need to pray about this.


We need to pray for the Church in China because it is entering one of its darkest seasons. We must pray for the Church because God will hold those who are free accountable if the Church in China is frustrated.  


In a few months to come, something is changing within the monarchy in England, concerning the health of one of the monarchs. Let us pray because there is a lot that is going to happen as a result of this.


This is the year in which the light of sonship is going to shine very brightly on the lives of children of God.

In the past year we have seen the earnest expectation from creation as it groans for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). A lot is happening and is provoking every essence of sonship.

The miracles that God will perform through us will be evidence of our sonship because our lights must shine in the world (Philippians 2:15). The magnitude with which we shine will cause us to not be hidden from anything that must advantage, progress, and add to us as sons of God.


The Number 2022 is the number of light. The light of sonship is the glory that is unveiled on the individual that is walking in the power of the birth right. The birth right is your true place of authority. This birth right comes with two blessings.

Fruitfulness is one of the fundamental blessings of the birth right and proof of the light of this sonship. What made you a son by divine purpose was so you would be a father one day; what made you a daughter by divine purpose was so you would be a mother one day. God extends life through you.

The first mandate God gave us after making us in His own image was to “be fruitful”. Therefore, to not be fruitful when it is expected of us to be, is considered a curse.

The second blessing that comes with the birth right is dominion. The power to subdue, to live, and to be above situations and circumstances is given to us as children of God. Deuteronomy 28:13 says that we are made the heads and not the tail, and God commands that we are above only and not beneath. That is not a promise, it is a command. In 2022, God is going to create avenues and opportunities to place you in places of fruitfulness that will be evident to all.  This year we shall see promotions and high positionings coming in the least expected way because promotions come from God and He takes His covenants seriously (Psalms 75:6-7).

In 2022, you are going to the next level of your career and your ministry. There is nothing that can frustrate what God has covenanted with His children that are walking in their birth right. As children of God, we are chosen vessels and regardless of who has gone before us or who has pledged to stand in our way, we have been called forth to show His excellence and with God being very serious about His covenants, we cannot be frustrated.


For 2022, I saw the hand of God stretch forth to deliver households. As households, we have an inheritance before God. God can give a household a mandate that is so unique that gives it a distinction.

When the presence of God enters a household, it can cause prosperity to every single individual in that household (2 Samuel 6:12). This year, God’s presence and His infinite wisdom, will give a household an assignment that will cause it to enter an inheritance that leaves a mark in not only the nation but the world at large, for eons.

The 22nd time that Abraham is mentioned in the Bible is in Genesis 25:5. The Bible says, And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. The power of inheritance is that it never leaves one ordinary. When Abraham left Isaac all that he had, Isaac was never the same after that.

This year households are getting into inheritances that do not fit into their roots and histories. It will be said of your household and yourself that you were the first to accomplish certain things.

The 22nd time Joshua is mentioned in the Bible is Deuteronomy 31:7 and that is the time Moses hands over the nation to him. Joshua’s destiny changed that day. This year, you will receive more than you have ever dreamed or imagined. In the subsequent verse, Joshua is given a mandate to distribute inheritance to other households. As his household changed, he was given the ability to change other households.

In 2022, may God put you in places that only He can put you.

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Answers to Prayer – 2017 New Year Message

And Jeremiah said, The word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Behold, Hanameel the son of Shallum thine uncle shall come unto thee saying, Buy thee my field that is in Anathoth: for the right of redemption is thine to buy it. So Hanameel mine uncle’s son came to me in the court of the prison according to the word of the Lord, and said unto me, Buy my field, I pray thee, that is in Anathoth, which is in the country of Benjamin: for the right of inheritance is thine, and the redemption is thine; buy it for thyself. Then I knew that this was the word of the Lord. (Jeremiah 32:6-8).

Night of PrayerWhen you study the book of Jeremiah, you will understand that this was the 17th prayer by Jeremiah in the time when the Babylonians had surrounded the Israelites. In the middle of that prayer, this word of the Lord came to him.

Babylon is a system. This system had surrounded the children of Israel and sought to frustrate them. God ignored the issue of Babylon and told him of Hanameel, his cousin, the son of his uncle Shallum who had a field and was going to come and ask him to buy it, which field was in Anathoth.

Now the Hebrew name Shallum is translated as retribution. It is the full price in taking vengeance and exercising wrath on somebody or something that frustrated you. Shallum begat Hanameel. Hanameel is the Hebrew name translated to mean God is gracious. Retribution(Shallum) begets grace(Hanameel).

What does this mean to the Christian? Retribution(Shallum) satisfied the wrath of God through him sending Jesus who knew no sin. Man had sinned and God got angry. He needed his wrath to be satisfied and assuaged. He revealed his vengeance against sin through Jesus. This Jesus came full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

When God appears to Jeremiah and speaks of Hanameel the son of Shallum, we understand that God is gracious because he fully revealed his wrath against sin in Christ. Now this grace, comes to you to say I want to sell you your redeemed possession which is Anathoth. The Hebrew word for Anathoth is answers to prayer.

However, remember that the man Jeremiah who is praying is surrounded by Babylon but to God, at this point, Babylon is not the problem. His mind is that there is something Jeremiah needed to possess, which when he possessed, Babylon would cease to be a problem.

The system that surrounds you is not the problem. When he sends grace, grace says, I come with this field whose right of inheritance is yours; it is called Anathoth which in the Hebrew is translated to mean answers to prayer.
Despite the circumstances around you, understand that they are not the problem. All you need is a certain grace on your life which allows you to be answers to prayer. When you have answers to prayer, you have answers that men who pray are seeking. For example, in prayer, a man may pray and say, ‘Jesus, I want the anointing’ if you have this Anathoth, you have his answer. When a man prays and says, ‘Jesus I want a job’ Anathoth means you have their answer. You have the ability to be the solution to people’s problems; the answer to their questions.

I saw the word freedom written in the spirit. I asked God, ‘freedom from what and to what?’ He said, ‘freedom to answer prayer.’ God wants you to go past having your personal prayers answered to you being answers to prayer because the ultimate answered prayer is the possession of that divine grace of answers to prayer (Anathoth).

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2016 New Year Message


The Bible says that for every purpose under heaven, there is a season and time. God works based entirely on seasons and times. It is up to you as an individual to receive that word and speak it upon your life.


This year, the mind of the spirit is entirely on love. This is what I saw in a vision. I saw a human heart and the heart of God. There came a metallic rod in the shape of a nail which pierced through the heart of God, went through the heart of a man and in that instant, there was a joining of the two by this rod of steel. I understood why the mind behind the 16th number Yod Vav is the joining together of things by love.

This year, I saw God operating on men by his love. The love I saw was not the kind meant to get men merely material things. The Bible says that we are persuaded of things that accompany salvation. I saw operating tables in heaven and God working on men through love. This year is going to be very personal because by his love God is reaching out to us; he is going to reveal himself to us through it in a way that you have never imagined.

We have lived through a spell where men were not sure if God loves or cares for them anymore. God is about to prove to you that he has been in your business, will be in your business and forever shall be in your business. God is going to cling to you, that when you think you have escaped from him, you will realize that he is everywhere, all over and all around you.


There are people who say that they have never had visions and never seen the angels. I saw that many people are going to have visitations upon visitations and manifestations of the power and the life of Jesus Christ like never before.  The miraculous is going to change from just gifts working in men by reason of a relationship with God to a place where things around men are simply responding; it will not be the prompting of the man to make something happen but rather the prompting of that thing responding to what is upon the man.

I saw a place where men are built up in God in all things. The dividing walls that had robbed Christianity of access to the father and robbed it of its authority to function have been broken.


The church of Christ is advancing into another place. The days of ignorance, of playing in the presence of God, of praying because you have a problem, because your daughter is sick or because you need rent have come to an end.

As a nation, we are transitioning. The days of reckoning are here. If you think you have prayed, this year you are going to see men who pray; not by power nor by might but by His spirit. If you think you have fasted, this year you are going to see men who fast. If you think you seek God, this year you are going to see men who seek God because God by love is operating on us.

There has not been an urgency of the spirit for God to speak to men pertaining divine assignment like it is going to happen this year. Men are going to seek God entirely for what he called them to do.  They are going to avail their lives, bodies and ministries. Love is drawing us to the pulpits; love is drawing us to the streets; love is drawing us into rooms to pray; love is drawing us into fasting; love is drawing us into reconciliation. The Bible says that by this (love) shall men know that we are his disciples; the transition of a man from just the average Christian believer into a disciple of Christ.  The days of simply attending Church yet doing nothing for the gospel or attending because you need a job are over. I saw men walk out with ploughs. They are not pushed to work for the kingdom. They have degrees, money and are educated but God is drawing them to his work in unprecedented ways. 

This year is personal. Stop praying because your brother is praying. Stop seeking God because your cousin is seeking God. Stop going to church because your wife woke up early. Stop going to an overnight because your uncle is in attendance. This is God working on you! Many people are going to see God.


Since this is love operating on us, God seeks a place of intimacy with you. For many, it is not going to be about what you speak in the presence of God but what he wants to speak. God wants to speak to us.  I saw men drive back home in their cars or sit at their office desks while weeping because the love of God had overwhelmed them with glory. I have seen men walking on the streets with a power upon them that a mad man cannot stand because God is working on them. There are things that used to make us feel big but now those very things are going to make us less because every time this love works on us, it will produce the most humble spirits that men have ever seen.


I saw a house and in it was a little child who was about a year and a half old. The chairs of the house had all been moved out and I heard the voice of God tell me that everything had been sold. The property of the father to this child was being carried out and the child was weeping. I could see that this was happening to our nation.

We are going to enter a sensitive season. In 2016, there is going to be a scarcity of money in this nation. People will sell their stuff, expenses will shoot up but there is something else I saw. While money was missing in places, it was becoming abundant with believers. Watch how your next job, next promotion or next deal is going to come. God is putting these things in your hand simply to settle you.

You are going to hear of men filing for bankruptcy and selling businesses but I assure you, the child of God will not be moved. Poverty is a spirit but it is not going to touch you. This year is going to be our year and we are going to build the kingdom of God.

Believers, position yourselves, this love should cause us to give. God is going to lavish you. This is so that you settle to minister; that you stand to have the freedom to reach out. I am thinking of that pastor who cannot preach because he does not have an income, that person who cannot evangelize because he works for twenty four hours a day; that individual who cannot minister in church because they work fromMonday to Sunday and have no breather on the weekend. God is going to do something in your life to change all that in the name of Jesus.


I saw a switching of qualifications in the spirit. Many people are standing in places they are not qualified to stand in. The necessity for you to qualify to stand is not going to be by works but it’s going to be by grace.

Much as these qualifications are being switched, I need to warn you that these are also happening in the Church of Christ. I saw knowledge fade from some people in the sense that some men would look at the Bible and found that they could not see any more because in the past they had used the word for deception and manipulation.


We also want to pray for the peace of the world. Pray for France. I have seen things that will happen there and for some of these things, they will not be able to stop them.

Further to this, we need to pray for the church in Europe and that in America, most particularly America.  They are losing a certain General soon. Understand that it is not because he is judged. It is his time. However, that nation has lost its fiber of conviction. The sons of God no-longer know who they are and what they can do. Mammon swallowed some while others have been swallowed by indifference. We ought to pray for them.


Heaven still has a need; the heart of Christ for the lost souls has never changed; the desire he has for men to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ has never diminished. We are going to sleep thinking of the gospel and wake up thinking of it. This year, we are going to do everything for this gospel.


2016 is a season of preparation for many of us, but while others behold what is happening in our lives, they will not understand that it is only the beginning. Many are going to see great breakthroughs and receive wonderful things but they will not know that it is only the beginning. By the time we enter 2017, liberty will be smelling in the air. Amen!

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God Is Tired [Mukama Akooye] – 2015

Apostle Grace Lubega

The Lord spoke to me about the year 2015. The Bible says that for every purpose under the sun there are seasons and times. God has appointed different years for particular things.

You’ve Been Here Long Enough

[Deuteronomy 2: 1-7] says; Then we turned, and took our journey into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea, as the Lord spake unto me: and we compassed mount Seir many days. And the Lord spake unto me, saying, Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward. And command thou the people, saying, Ye are to pass through the coast of your brethren the children of Esau, which dwell in Seir; and they shall be afraid of you: take ye good heed unto yourselves therefore: Meddle not with them; for I will not give you of their land, no, not so much as a foot breadth; because I have given mount Seir unto Esau for a possession. Ye shall buy meat of them for money, that ye may eat; and ye shall also buy water of them for money, that ye may drink. For the Lord thy God hath blessed thee in all the works of thy hand: he knoweth thy walking through this great wilderness: these forty years the Lord thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing.

Moses got the Israelites out of Egypt and they crossed the Red Sea into the wilderness. However, they failed to go through the way of the Philistines because God knew that they were too weak to believe. They had too much fear to take the shortcut and so God took them through the longer route.

But here is the amazing thing. When you read Deuteronomy Chapter 2, you might think that they spent afew days around the mountain of Seir.  But when you read the scriptures, you will be surprised to find that of the forty years that they spent in the wilderness, thirty eight years were spent around Mount Seir. Thirty eight years! They were in one place.

God got tired of seeing them there before they got tired of seeing themselves there. The scripture further says that Meddle not with them; for I will not give you of their land, no, not so much as a foot breadth; because I have given mount Seir unto Esau for a possession. Seir the mountain, was a possession of the children of Esau. It was for the Edomites. Thus while they moved for thirty eight years around the place called Seir, even though they were out of Egypt, they were still not in their own land.

You can only marvel at a situation that God gets tired of yet you still can handle it. I realized then that a man can ask for the grace to stand in circumstances that are not his portion. Remember the apostle Paul? When he had a messenger sent from hell to torment him, the Lord told him that his grace was sufficient for him [2 Corinthians 12:9]. In 2015, God is not saying that his grace is sufficient for you. In 2015, he is saying that whether you want it or not, you have been here, on Mount Seir, for long enough. 

Because of what we believe and how we understand the things of God, I feel that there is a transition in the Church of Christ.  There are things that are changing. However, these things seek to establish a Christian in a particular place if you indeed believe the true God. If you believed the true God, there are certain things that you ought not to be begging for.

A Year of New Direction.

The Lord told me that 2015 is going to be a year of radical change for his people. Not just change, but radical change. 2015 is going to be a radical year. He repeated and told me that it is going to be a year of new direction, not as of those that are beginning a new journey but of those that have been on a journey and they had to change course and take another direction.

I am not talking of a situation where someone has been static. I am talking of a situation where someone has been on the move but God wants to switch certain things for him to go to another place because it does not matter where you move, the land where you presently are is not yours, it is for the Edomites and you have your own.

You were comfortable in another man’s car. You were comfortable in another man’s house. You were comfortable in another man’s ministry.  You were comfortable in another man’s business. It is about time that you got your own business. It is about time that you got your own ministry. It is about time that you got your own house. It is about time that you drove your own car. It is about time you got your own man! That is 2015.

I do not care how many people you work with, you are different. I do not care how long you have worked at that work place. Whether you want it or not, you are going to leave that office for a better office. I do not care whether you have a job, or you don’t have a job, if you want money to build what you want to build, whether you want it or you do not want it, my God is going to  make a way where there seems to be no way. Why? You have been there too long!

Even if you have the grace to stay, God has run out of the grace and patience to sustain you there. God is tired! For 2015, thus says the Lord, whether you want it or not, this year, you are moving; whether you feel it or don’t feel it, this year you are moving; whether you have connections or do not have connections, this year you are moving; whether they love you or do not love you, this year you are moving; whether they help you or do not help you, this year you are moving; whether they want it or do not want it, this year you are increasing; whether they pay you less or pay you more, this year you are moving.

Distinctively by the spirit, and this I tell you as the truth before God, I see that the Lord is aligning certain people at the forefront of many crafts, institutions and opportunities because there is  a need for the advancement of the kingdom according to the gospel which is of Christ. Many things have been in the wrong hands for so long. This year, God is tired.

Some people have cried before God for too long because they want to get to places that only God knows how to get to and thus says the Lord, ‘your place of new direction is come. Just hold onto this word.’

This is not you tired, it is God that is tired. He told them that they had been on that mountain for too long. Move! Move! Move! Something must change. Your situation must change.  Your circumstance must change. The place that you are in must change. God is tired!  Your business is changing. Your understanding is changing. Your vision is changing. Your body is changing.

In the name of Jesus.

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