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He Giveth Sleep

Since my son (Banet) was born 2 years ago, he would suddenly wake up and cry bitterly every night at 3 am. It was quite disturbing. I never sought medical advice for his condition; I only brought him for prayer.

During overnight prayers on 26th of August 2016 at Lift up Jesus Ministries Centre in Kabale, the Guest Speaker Apostle Grace Lubega just before he started to preach, stated that God was healing every kind of sickness in that place that night. He later laid hands on Banet and prayed over him. Since then, Banet is completely fine, he NO LONGER WAKES UP TO CRY AT NIGHT! My little boy now enjoys a FULL NIGHT’S REST. I am thankful to God!

Banet Tweheyo’s mother

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Chronic Lung Infection Healed

In 2011, I suffered a Tuberculosis(TB) infection in both my lungs. I was treated but got a re-infection in 2014. Alongside this, I had pneumonia and a resultant severe pain on the right side of my chest, especially whenever I would cough. I had this cough and pain even when I had been on treatment for a long time. I would suffocate in cold weather, so I could not do without warm clothing if I had to be outdoors in the evenings. I received so many injections during treatment that I got so fed up of them!

On 13th August, while attending the Phaneroo Anniversary service at the Lugogo Hockey grounds, Apostle Grace Lubega, when he stepped up to minister, encouraged people who were feeling sick to receive their healing. He said that there was an atmosphere to heal any disease on the grounds. He said this as he led the congregation in songs of praise and worship.

I believed that word and received my healing. I was able to put off my jacket that cold evening and realized that I could BREATHE NORMALLY without any difficulty! Moreover, the PAIN WHICH HAD BEEN IN MY CHEST COMPLETELY LEFT.
Since then, I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I DO NOT HAVE COUGH! The chronic cough that had lasted for many years is gone. Glory to God!


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Healed of 20 year-old Ulcers

I had ulcers for about 20 years. I used to get frequent ulcer attacks which would manifest with a lot of pain in my stomach.
During a visit to my son in Kampala in June this year, he invited me to attend the Phaneroo fellowship on Thursday, 30th June .

While at the fellowship, I felt encouraged to go forth for prayer over my issue at the end of service. I did go and Apostle Grace laid hands on me. The PAIN LEFT! It is almost a month now since that experience, I have NOT EXPERIENCED ANY ULCER PAINS! I thank God I AM HEALED. Glory to God!

Mr. Bosro Obua

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God set me up!

For 5 years I suffered with fibroids in my uterus. Because of them, my stomach swell to the extent that I looked like I was 6 months pregnant.

I could not lie on my tummy or on my back, because the weight on my stomach would make it very uncomfortable. Doctors had recommended surgery to remove the fibroids but I was hesitant, having already undergone caesarian section operations related to child-birth. I told myself that I did not want to undergo a fourth surgery!

Although I was a Christian, I was going through a phase in my life where I was not too keen to seek fellowship opportunities, even when I was hoping for a divine solution to my health condition.

On Saturday, 13th August 2016, I wanted to catch-up with a friend. So, I called her up and she told me that she was attending fellowship at the Lugogo Hockey grounds and she invited me to join her there. I would later learn that it was a healing service that had been organized as part of the second Phaneroo fellowship anniversary celebrations.
The worship was intense! There was such an atmosphere of life! I could feel God’s manifest presence was saturated in this place!

After worship, the man of God (Apostle Grace) stepped forth and led the congregation in more worship and prayer. He then started to mention the various conditions that were being healed under the power of God. Among them, he mentioned that fibroids and all kinds of swellings were disappearing. At this point, I could feel my stomach tucking in!

He later called out people who had healed of fibroids. My friend urged me to check myself. I found that my TUMMY had REDUCED in size! I touched the area where I used to feel the swellings, I did not feel them anymore! The SWELLINGS had DISAPPEARED!

That day when I went back home, I tried lying on my tummy and also the back. I was able to sleep comfortably to in these positions! Three days later, my tummy size has further reduced. Moreover I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE.

God set me up for his divine pain-free operation! Hallelujah!

Sarah Nambasa

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Pain Free

In 2015, I was in a motor-cycle accident which resulted in a fracture in my right leg. The doctors gave me something to wear around it to help ease the pain during the therapy period of about 5 months.

However, I continued to feel pain in my right leg even after that therapy period had ended. I could not wear closed shoes because of the intense pain.

While attending Phaneroo fellowship on 7th July 2016, I went to be prayed for at the end of the service. While there, Apostle Grace laid his hand on me . I FELT THE PAIN LEAVE IN THAT INSTANT! I can now WALK WITH EASE moreover in closed shoes. I AM COMPLETELY PAIN-FREE! Glory to God!

Ms. Monica Muhigwa

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God Restored My Daughter

In early 2015,  I met Apostle Grace at  the Phaneroo offices.  The purpose of my visit there was to seek prayer for my sister who was not well. 

During our meeting,  (it was short , around 10 minutes), Apostle got a word of knowledge that I had a daughter who was going to go crazy and asked that I bring her for prayer if possible.  I really didn’t understand the “going crazy” bit and thought perhaps, it meant she would go wild, partying and dating.  I did not pay attention to the word of knowledge nor did I pray about it.

A few months later, at the end of my daughter’s second year at university abroad, she called me saying that she had been in deep depression and had been referred to a Psychiatrist.  In addition, she had failed many exams, and had been wrongly accused of exam malpractice.   She had to face the University Board to decide her fate.  If found guilty of exam malpractice, she would never be accepted into a credible university anywhere in the world.

I was crushed  and confused as my daughter had always been a brilliant girl,  and of high integrity.

All of a sudden,  I remembered the word of knowledge Apostle Grace had received on this issue, earlier during the year.  I ran back to see him and he prayed for her (for about 5min).

Two months later, my daughter’ s University made a decision that she be allowed to repeat the year, AT NO COST (i.e. no school fees) and she was found NOT GUILTY of exam malpractice.  The bad record was removed from her file!

Since then, my daughter has successfully passed the academic year  she repeated, and is in FULL HEALTH.

I  thank Apostle for praying for us and I give all the Glory to God for my  daughter’s restoration!

Mama A

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Death Has No Hold On Me

I had pain in my lower abdomen (around the pelvic area) for about a month. This was due to a swelling that was growing in that part of my body. The swelling had grown to the extent that I looked like one who was pregnant! I was in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. I could hardly eat because of the discomfort. The swelling placed so much pressure on my lower abdominal area that I felt like my uterus was about to come out.

Visits to different medical doctors on three occasions only suggested the worst about the condition I was suffering from. On one visit, medical tests suggested that too many toxins in my body were causing the swelling. The third doctor told me that the swelling had become cancerous and that I needed to go for an operation to remove the tumor.

On Thursday the 14th of July 2016, my daughters encouraged me to go for prayers at the Phaneroo fellowship. I was in a lot of pain but I agreed to attend with the hope for divine healing. I did not want to undergo an operation a second time (having undergone one for child-delivery).
When Apostle Grace stepped up to preach, he led a worship session during which he kept saying “I feel an atmosphere for healing in this place”.

Among the many cases, he mentioned that there was a lady in the congregation who had an issue with her stomach and that he needed to pray for her. I first hesitated to go forth. Someone else went forth but he kept insisting that the particular person he was talking about was still in the congregation. After this emphasis, I felt that it was me he was referring to and so I went forth. My stomach was so big that he asked me whether I was pregnant. He laid hands on me and as he prayed, he mentioned that he had sensed a spirit of death and that it was witchcraft that was disturbing me.

The PAIN LEFT INSTANTLY. I felt completely different. It has been two weeks since and I have NO PAIN, the swelling has significantly reduced and is continuing to do so as the days go by. I could not eat, but I now comfortably eat when I want to. Moreover DEATH HAS NO HOLD on me! I THANK GOD THAT I AM DELIVERED Halleluyah!

Amuge N. Jessica

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Delivered From Long Time Masturbation

I got saved at campus in my first year. However, my life was a mess! I had masturbated since my primary five and had a very perverted mind.
When I grew up, the effects of this habit were grave. I would get depressed, sweat, and have terrible headaches. It worsened when I gave my life to Jesus and joined ministry.

Every time I did it, I remembered the gospel and would get disturbed. Some times, it was another way of relieving stress and pressure. It was so bad that a day would not end without me masturbating, it became compulsive.

I wanted to stop but it seemed to get worse. It got to the point where I would watch pornographic material too! I could not tell any one what I was going through for fear of being bad-mouthed. I hated myself so much and most times failed to pray or attend Bible study because of it!
If I attended Bible study, I always spent that time thinking of what I did.

I attended Phaneroo one day (I don’t quite remember the edition) but while there, Apostle Grace said, “it’s one thing to have the word and speak it and another to have certainty.” He said that there is a difference between willingness and obedience.
From that time on I was delivered and have never looked back! For some reason, during that Phaneroo service, I appeared at the throne of Jesus with confidence and not while victimizing myself. Somehow, I sorrowed to repentance and walked away from perversion. I remember crying a lot but all I could hear the Lord say to me was, “I LOVE YOU.”
When I went home, I opened my Bible and went through all the scriptures he had taught about that day. Later at night, as I lay sleeping, I dreamt the whole sermon.

I had masturbated almost all my life until this year in May when Apostle Grace preached a message that got me out of it. It means a lot to me. He whom the son makes free is free indeed. I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK. Hallelujah.

Victoria N.

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Delivered by Knowledge About Giving

As a christian, I knew about giving, tithe and offertory, a little. However, I later discovered that it was just head knowledge without revelation whatsoever!

With this knowledge, I always saw myself as one who did not have enough. In my mind I always lacked and because of this, when I would come to church I would “tip” God, I used to just give him some little change here and there.
In mind I had the conscience that if I gave more I would lack.
Because according to me, honestly I would do the maths , put all my needs and wants, then tithe, offertory, giving partnership, siblings, family, etc and it couldn’t total up. I always fell short. So I could not give God.

But during Phaneroo episode 69 where Apostle Grace preached the sermon titled, God or Mammon, he made a statement that DELIVERED ME!
Just one statement and he qualified it with scripture. He said, ” The main reason Christians don’t give is because they fear they are going to lack”
He had me; its like God had told him about me!

I pondered and meditated over that statement and it was so true in my case.
And he proceeded to say, “who told you that you will lack?”; ” is it God?, surely not!”

That day, I returned home asking myself, ” Joshua Ndugga, who told you that if you give, that if you partner you will lack”?
God dealt with me during that service and deep down in me I knew my *day of deliverance had come!

I immediately believed God’s word! . I lost the* consciousness that I can ever lack.

From that day, I have been giving in ways I myself get shocked at; I give in absolute freedom and assurance that I cannot lack because God’s word says exactly that.

And God has been extremely faithful!
He enables me to bless people in ways I never imagined! This has opened up people’s hearts to me and I end up preaching Jesus to them and winning souls to Christ.

I have SEEN INCREASE in my finances (salary and business), revelation, knowledge of God and the demonstration of his power. These are things I did not think I could ever attain.

Glory to God! I am thankful to God for the ministry of Apostle Grace and Phaneroo.

Joshua Ndugga

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Healed of a 3 months old pain in the Ear

I used to work at a call centre. Because of the nature of the work, I at some point started to feel pain in my right ear. The pain increased in severity within 3 months. A visit to the Medical Doctor suggested that my ear drums were deteriorating by the day!

One day, a friend shared with me that he had a vision in which he could see that I had an ear problem and that he could see that the problem was being sorted. On Thursday, 9 June 2016, while at the Phaneroo service, I decided to go for prayer over this issue (I had the pain at the time). While on the queue, I started to feel relief even as Apostle Grace was still praying for the person who was in front of me! By the time he laid hands on me, I HAD RECEIVED MY HEALING!

I have NO PAIN since then. I later went back for check-up and the DOCTOR CONFIRMED THAT MY EAR IS FINE! Glory to God!

Pauline Nalwanga

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