Phaneroo Devotion

The church is not a marketplace. Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers for a reason. His house is
Men may give into your bosom but let it not be because you charged them; may the gift of God
The altar is sacred. You must test every spirit you place on your altar, otherwise, because of mixed seed (Leviticus
A spiritual authority must not rule over men's faith like a dictator. His part is to seek to increase the
Christianity is fundamentally a teaching faith. The Church is returning to the foundation of Christian growth which is the true
God expects you to be more discerning. Apply your mind to deep and contemplative thinking every time someone presents you
Shake off the excuses. Do not wrap yourself in a warm cocoon of reasons why you cannot be healed, succeed,
Divination is a spirit that puts a price on the oracles of God. Prophecies should never be sold. If someone
What you want is already available in God and it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to show it
The new creature in Christ was created out of the fullness of the Word of God.
 You are GOD'S BEST.  Everything about you is the expression of God's excellence in the realms of creativity.
As you grow, you must be conscious of the things that can slow a man down in the realm of
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