Phaneroo Devotion

In the art of spiritual warfare, the greatest weapon in our arsenal is the shield of faith. Every time you
Every manner of prayer you make must be with thanksgiving because the prayer of thanksgiving is the true prayer of
A true minister of the gospel understands that his own needs should not take centre stage in prayer but rather
Freedom in the realm of the spirit is most manifested in our service to God. Choose to serve God and
Answers to prayer do not come because of the length of time spent in prayer, even though lengthy prayers have
All forms of struggle are attempts by the devil to exalt himself against our knowledge of God. Your part as
In the art of spiritual warfare, victory must always begin in the mind. Tame your thoughts by never allowing any
Faith is a good fight because God has guaranteed that you have already won. Every time you bring the fight
What makes things factual is that we recognise them with our physical senses within the confines of the physical world.
Broadcasting all the gory details of someone’s life is not the mark of the maturity of a prophet. Just because
In the life of the spirit, there is a difference between the godly and the spectacular. You must have the
The basis of our teaching as believers is not how powerful the devil is but the fact that ALL POWER
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