Phaneroo Devotion

Every time doubts arise as to whether you should start that project, plant that church or take a step in
Any person living in 'tents' must understand the law of process. Invest time and effort in preparation. Prepare for your
Never despise your small beginnings. Never allow them to be an excuse for mediocrity. Allow God to shape your character
This world is not a model for the church, the church is a model for the world. You are the
God is a God of principles. He values hard work, diligence and excellence. In as much as you claim the
One of the ways God will deal with your heart is through the people He will allow in your life.
Deep and intimate knowledge of God comes at a price: humility. God can only expose certain hidden insights in Himself
Christ has been made your wisdom and as such, His wisdom at work in you causes you to exercise your
Seeking God is not a hobby to be pursued on one's time and at your self-indulgent pace; it is a
Be diligent with what you have been trusted with. Give yourself wholly to it in the knowledge that you are
It is important to pick good lessons from the anointed men and women in your life but you should never
Men may try to figure out how you succeed like you do; how you remain healthy like you do; how
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