Phaneroo Devotion

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In effective prayer and consistent communion, mandates become clear, depths in the knowledge of God are broken and the revelation
The compassion of the Lord will lead Him to carry you out of that ditch; restore your marriage, bring back
There is a difference between tongues that edify the self and tongues that edify the church. Ministers need wisdom to
A Christian who speaks in tongues functions on a plane that is above his mental faculties. His spirit connects to
Tongues are the manifestation of the aid of the Holy Spirit as you pray. How do you pray with the
If Jesus needed miracles, signs and wonders, so do you because no one can effectively preach the gospel without the
Persecution is an opportunity to preach the gospel more and prove to the world that our God is powerful. It
When we meditate on this resurrection power, we ask ourselves, ‘If death bowed to Jesus, what affliction would not bow
Every interaction with the anointing is an opportunity for impartation.
God has allowed us to imitate graces. We grow when we seek to associate with what a man does by
The spirit realm does not treat with seriousness the words and actions of the slothful because this attitude robs them
All things are possible to him that believes. Expand the horizons of what you define as possible.
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