Phaneroo Devotion

Every task, assignment, or position given to you requires that you diligently apply yourself to tend, care for, continually improve
You must tame your character to always celebrate anyone who is better than you. Give honour where honour is due.
The heart that attracts wealth makes many rich.
One of the primary ways that a man walks in the Spirit is by the Word. Every time you are
Men that are pure in heart hear God.
An overcomer is a man who has yielded enough to God to access the knowledge that He needs.
What God has scoped as the inheritance of the believer is enough. It is enough wealth for us to say
God has not designed his children to depend on men who have no covenant with Him. Our dependence is on
You must exercise the conscience of a seed of God in whatever you do. Work as a seed of God
The seed of God  has an abundance mentality. The seed of God does not look to his job as his
Liberties are your divine entitlement and the direct result of the freedom Christ purchased.
Our primary place of consecration is that God helps our hearts; that He teaches us to live beyond ourselves.
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