The Vision Bearer: Phaneroo

Revivals, reformations and revolutions spin on the axis of men of faith; men of vision and men of the spirit. Apostle Grace Lubega, the vision bearer of Phaneroo is the very substance of faith, vision and the spirit of God. He crossed the threshold of all possibilities, saw the world and understood the mind of the spirit pertaining to what God can do in and by a man. He does not simply preach, he ministers; he does not only teach; he imparts the distinctive and manifold wisdoms of eternity in the spirits of men.

He saw the Church for what it ought to be; not the weak, manipulated and predictable entity that had seemingly lost its voice. His cry to God was that there was more; there was so much more! If the scriptures said ‘as he is, so are we in this world’ [1 John 4:17], then the Church has to shine more and more in glory. If the scriptures say ‘we have an unction from on high and we know all things’[1 John 2:20], then the church is the epitome of wisdom from which the world draws insight and knowledge. If the scriptures say ‘we are seated in Christ, far above all principalities and powers’[Ephesians 2:6, Eph 1:20-21], then the Church is victorious and triumphant in all. By his message of grace and truth, he paints this picture in the spirits of countless men and brings to light eternity’s purposes in the Christian’s walk with Christ.