Phaneroo Devotion

The God of knowledge is always raising a standard and you must be attuned to this. If not, your depth
The Phaneroo Devotion: Adapting To New Ages - 3 English Runyoro - Rutooro English Apostle Grace LubegaDaniel 2:21 (KJV); And
When you are adapted to a new age, you always have an answer to the questions of your generation.  Like
Each age has its own provisions. When that age comes to an end, you must know how to transition to
You must know when to hold back even if what you have to say will benefit your hearers. Its ability
God has made it abundantly clear that, “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,
If God ever provokes you to give more than you are able, then understand that He is positioning you for
The Lord is a God of seasons and times. You must have the wisdom to discern that a season has
If the message of Christ cannot unify us, nothing else will. No sports or media program on embracing diversity is
There is nothing God cannot overlook when He is determined to touch a man. There is no barrier He cannot
In defining who we truly are, God expects us to always look within because what is seen on the outside
You were created in the image of the Most High God. The spirit of insecurity corrupts this image and gives
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