Phaneroo Devotion

As a child of the King, you have an inheritance. Exclude yourself from among the beggars and the poor. God
Never let desperation blind you. The wisdom of God functions in such a way that when you think that you
The human heart, like nature, abhors a vacuum. If there is a part of your heart that God has not
The parts of a man’s heart that are not yielded to God characterise the spots of blindness to His ways.
The Church of the future, of the world to come, must be a deeply praying Church, one that is more
To those who are available, God is releasing nuggets of reformation into their spirits. The world to come belongs to
Trust follows a simple pattern: Firstly, has God promised? Secondly, is He able to do what He has promised? Thirdly,
The unseen world is the source of all seen things. Many people treat physical symptoms of spiritual causes and wonder
Man is still God's greatest idea and He gave us His Word to remind us of this. Every time we
If you connect to the thought pattern that made your manifestation into the physical realm a necessity, you will understand
God is love and love always wills goodness.
Confession is not reactive. It is a lifestyle. You must confess His Word concerning your health even when you do
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