Phaneroo Devotion

It is important for the worshipper to seek a place of clarity in spirit regardless of silence in the physical
Every married couple should know that it is maturity to own the weakness (past or present) of your spouse and
Regardless of the down turn of your marriage, never let hate dictate your attitude. If you do, it will destroy
The primary distinction of a man sealed by God is that he is not subject to the judgments of men.
Discernment of spirits is the personal responsibility of every child of God. It is maturity to be able to distinguish
Revival does not come to your spirit so that you can get more money, a finer marriage, healing of a
If the circumference of your influence in the spirit must increase, you must have learnt to provide for it. God
When you minister to a man of God with the understanding of the rules of the sanctuary, ministry ceases to
While some people might wax fat on material wealth, it is possible to wax fat on knowledge and forget God.
Every manifestation of the power of God is designed to elevate a believer to trust in God for greater and
Each one of us is going to be separated and distinguished, on the ladder of success, depending on our faith.
There is a power in God that works out possibility if you give it opportunity through faith
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