Phaneroo Devotion

In marriage, God has not called you to change your husband or wife. He wants you to do your part.
Being planted is what flourishes you because it gives you the opportunity to be watered even as you water; the
The total sum of your ministry ought to be experiences in God. Even in those experiences, you have to pick
In marriage, trust is not based on evidence: it is a choice
When God owns you, you die to yourself and live for Him. He takes your life, your moments and your
Depth in scripture is not a qualification for spiritual maturity. What commends us as ministers is love. When you minister
What you celebrate is what you attract and what you envy is what you push further out of your reach
If anything is to come from God, understand child of truth, it will never be by merit. It will always
Learned men are patterns to those that observe them because how they live their lives is an instruction to any
You are a pattern to this world by virtue of your dwelling place in God. Your ministry is supposed to
The renewal of your mind has the power to cause you to change form
Every Word you receive or read must cause you to walk some place in the spirit. The Word of God
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