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Healed of chronic pain in collar bones after 10 Years

I had a chronic pain in my collar bones since 2005 and this would sometimes progress into pain in my chest.

In 2008, I developed ulcers which were characterized by epigastric discomforts. Eventually, I started to experience intermittent strong pains from my chest to the stomach. These would sometimes last for a few hours, days and sometimes even a month.

On the 21st April 2016 while attending Phaneroo fellowship , I had an episode; I was in so much pain that I could not stand the sound of the speakers at the front, where I normally like to sit !

At the end of the service that day, I went to the front to seek prayer for healing. The pastor laid hands on me and prayed for me. The pain I had been feeling reduced at that instant, and then COMPLETELY LEFT after a short while. I AM NOW COMPLETELY FINE. Praise the Lord!

Jenny Dickens.

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Healed of Double sided Scoliosis

Nansubuga Tracy Patronela was diagonized with Scoliosis in 2012. This meant that her spinal cord was bent.

She experienced a lot of pain, would get paralyzed and she passed out constantly.

During the Phaneroo #60, Nansubuga Tracy received her healing. Since then, the pain is no more and her back was fully restored.

She can now do house work and many other things she could not do before.

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Two Year Paralysis Healed

I had been paralyzed waist-downward for two years. I was playing football when, all of a sudden I began to feel pain in my limbs. This later progressed into a more serious condition to the extent that I could not walk or squat or do any physical work on my own. I had to move using a wheel chair. The doctors prescribed constant pain-killers and told me to do some exercises, but all these did not help change my situation.

During the 1st Anniversary celebrations of Phaneroo in August 2015, I determined to receive my restoration at the healing service. So, I asked my sister and brother to carry me to the grounds, as I did not want to move with the wheel chair any longer.

Apostle Grace prayed for me and told me that I would be made completely whole and that I needed to give it two weeks. By the time I left the grounds, I could walk but only had some pain in my back.  I am now very fine with no pain whatsoever and able to do physical activity on my own. I even ride the bicycle! Glory to God!

 Natsami Grace.

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Healed of swelling on the ear

I had a swelling on my ear for five days and I had been praying that it would go away. On Thursday, 5 November 2015 during a Phaneroo session, Apostle Grace said that he felt a healing anointing in the place. He asked people who had any swellings on their bodies to touch and feel if the swellings had left.  I received my healing. When I touched my ear, the swelling had disappeared!


Samuel Owen Kasule.

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Healed of swelling on the head

I had a swelling on the right side of my head for a whole year. As a result, I often would get dizzy. During one Phaneroo session, Apostle Grace prayed for me. While praying, he told me that I was healed. In that instant, I stopped feeling dizzy and the pain on my head reduced. A few days later, the swelling disappeared and now I am completely well!


Hosanna Petronella.  

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