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Nothing is Impossible

A blockage that I could not quite understand had developed in my ear. It went on for an entire week and greatly impaired my hearing. Even if I could glean certain sounds, this was not with perfection but with incoherence.

When I attended the grace explosion conference where the man of God, Apostle Grace Lubega was preaching, he stated that someone in the meeting was deaf and that God was opening that ear at that very moment.

In that instant, I felt the blockage disappear and my total hearing was immediately restored, glory to God!

Kevin Namaganda

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The Power was Present to Heal

For a period of almost four days, I had had a consistent pain in my ears whose cause I did not understand. It was persistent and did not cease.

I attended a Grace Explosion meeting where the man of God, Apostle Grace Lubega was preaching. At the end of the meeting, he mentioned that there was someone in the congregation who was deaf and could not hear in one of their ears. When he said this, I felt the pain in my ear disappear.

Even though I was not the specific person that the word was addressed to, the power of God was available to heal all and it took away my pain. I thank God and give him all the glory.

Ongorok Paul

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It Disappeared Instantly

For a period of close to five years, I had a swelling in my left breast. It was a concern to me that it could be cancerous despite the fact that I never had it diagnosed.

During a Phaneroo meeting, by a word of knowledge, the man of God, Apostle Grace Lubega said that there was someone who had a swelling in their breast and that God was healing them. He said that that person ought to check themselves immediately.

In the meeting, I started to feel for the swelling. When I did, I realised that it had disappeared. It was instant! What had been in my body for years vanished immediately! This was by the miraculous power of God. By it, I was healed and set free and for this, I eternally give God the glory.

Joan Nakimera

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From the Clutches of Cancer

It was in February 2011 when I used to work with Apostle Grace Lubega. I was a Born Again Christian indeed but I was not entirely zealous for the gospel. One day, he called me to his desk and told me that the Lord had told him to tell me that there was a situation I was going to go through and that if I do not trust God, I would fail to get through it but that if I trust him, I would get through it.

In or about early March, I started to notice something in my daughter’s eyes. She was only six months old. They used to glow like the eyes of a cat in the night. I took her to hospital and the doctor told me to get a scan. After the scan, in Nakasero Hospital, I was told that my daughter had cancer; retinal blasoma, which cancer had eaten her up. That if the eye was not removed immediately, she would die. I told myself that the doctor must be lying so I decided to try another. I went to Mulago hospital where my sister worked and gave her the results. The look in her eyes seemed to confirm the first doctor’s diagnosis. She led me to another doctor who confirmed the same diagnosis.

They then referred me to Namirembe Hospital where I met a fourth doctor who told me that the only option was to remove my child’s eye. She suggested a hospital in Mbarara where my daughter could be treated using chemotherapy before the eye was removed. We started the chemotherapy treatment. After four months of chemotherapy, the doctors told me that she had to lose the eye.
At that point, I told myself that I did not want her to lose her eye. I never returned to the hospital. I was convinced that if the man of God Apostle Grace Lubega would lay a hand on her, she would be healed. However, I was also waiting for the Lord Himself to move him to pray for her.

During this time, a friend of mine told me of certain doctors that could help organize for my child to be taken to India for an operation. For that, I would need about ten thousand dollars. I applied for a loan from my office but there was a delay in approving it. I spoke to Apostle Grace Lubega about how much I needed this money. He told me that the Lord would supply all my needs according to his riches in glory. Ten minutes later, the Head office called me and told me that my application for the loan had been approved. Within an hour, I had enough money to fly her to India. She went to India with my sister who is a doctor. The doctors in India informed my sister that the tumor had apparently reduced and that chemotherapy had to be continued for the next two months. I asked my sister to return to Uganda to continue the treatment because maintaining them in India for two months would be too costly. They were to fly back to India after two months.

One Sunday, Apostle Grace called me and told me that he had to pray for my daughter that day. He told me that all I needed to do was to believe for my daughter, that it was only my faith that could heal her. He asked me to carry her on my back so he could pray for her. As soon as he laid his hands on her, she instantly fell asleep despite the fact that seconds ago, she had been up and about. He prayed for about five minutes. Five minutes later, my daughter woke up and started to play like she had done before. I was convinced that it was done; she was healed. It so happened that during this time, what was happening to her infected eye started to spread to her healthy eye. I was able to see this by taking photographs of her and indeed, it appeared that the yellowish glow was spreading to her second eye.

When the two months lapsed, she flew back to India with my sister. I stayed in Uganda, eagerly awaiting the results and called my sister at every opportunity. When my sister eventually met the doctor, the doctor informed her that the tumour was inactive. When I heard this news, I screamed with joy and excitement. I called Apostle Grace and asked him where he would be that night. He was meant to preach in Mukono and I decided to go with him for that overnight. On our way there, I told him that there was something I needed to tell him. I asked him what it meant for a tumor to be inactive and he told me that I was going to testify. That night, I shared my testimony with the Church.

The tumor had eaten her optic nerve so much that she had gone blind. She could not see. If you tried to cover her healthy eye, she would fight because she could not see. After the healing, the optic nerve was completely restored. She can now see through both eyes. The doctors that had diagnosed her and those that had seen her during the time that she was on chemotherapy could not believe it. They all expected that her eye would be gone by then. One of them called me and specifically told me that he wanted to see and to examine my daughter because to him, her recovery was an exceptional case. I told them that the Lord had healed her and that she could now see perfectly.

Sylvia Namata

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The Miracle Baby

About November 2012, I got Pregnant. When the time for my delivery was due, I went to Naguru hospital. I was in labour for four days. When a labour scan was done, it was discovered that there was an in-utero fetal death; the baby had already died. Unfortunately, there was no possibility for labour induction because the foetus was resting in my cervix. There was also no possibility of full cervical dilatation because the birth canal could not open up for the baby’s passage. The doctors informed me that a caesarean section had to be done in order to remove the dead baby and save my life. Before the operation, it was necessary that a relative be informed. I gave the doctors the telephone number of Apostle Grace Lubega. When they called him, he told them that he was going to pray for me. The operation proceeded.

During the operation, I could view every step the doctors took in a mirror. When they got the baby out, they did not do any routine neonatal care since the baby was already dead. The doctor asked me if I felt any pain. I told him, ‘yes.’ He instructed the theatre nurse to give me another injection so that he could finish stitching me up. After the injection, the entire room darkened. I asked the doctor to switch back the light because I wanted to see what he was doing. The doctor was surprised because according to him, the lights were still on. He suspected that perhaps I was losing my sight.

A couple of minutes later, I saw a light shining directly from the mirror above. A clear voice said to me, ‘Jane, if this baby survives, name him Joshua Grace.’ I turned to see the nurse carry away my baby; wrapped in white sheets. I believe she was taking him to the mortuary. The nurse passed through the first and second glass door. When she reached the third, she made a quick turn and started to shout to the doctor that the baby was trying to breathe. Immediately, his umbilical cord was tied and he was put on the oxygen machine. Thirty minutes later, the baby started to cry like a normal child and he was brought to me for breast feeding.

Three hours later, the Lord gave me the strength to go and wash my baby’s sheets to the amusement of many because it was not expected that a mother who had just delivered a child through caesarean section could be very swift and energetic.

Two weeks later, God gave me a home in teens challenge Uganda which offered to take care of me and my baby for one year; giving us both food and accommodation. As the future stretches before me, I know that the good God who delivered me from these great ordeals will finish his work to its great end.He is faithful; all powerful and almighty.


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The Miraculous Healing

I fell sick on 10th September 2009 and was taken to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed me with cerebral malaria. I started on the treatment that was prescribed and saw some improvement in my health about the period of April 2010. However, later on, I fell sick again and was diagnosed with brucellosis. As I underwent treatment for it, the doctors discovered that I was a sickle cells carrier.

I used to suffer from severe joint pain and also experienced alot of pain in my diaphragm area. As a result, I could not walk long distances, could not run and could not do any heavy duty. Any attempt to do these would have me tire out very easily or cause my legs to swell.

When I did a further check up, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. Within no time, I started to experience terrible headaches. I fainted at a certain point and was taken back to Mulago hospital where a brain scan was done. The scan revealed that a nerve in my brain was dying every day. I was informed that I had only six days to live. The doctors asked me to stay in the hospital so that a number of tests could be run. It was decided that an operation was necessary.

The operation required the consent of a family member. However, by this time, my entire family had given up on me because of the recurrent sicknesses. I called a friend of mine named Becky to come and stay with me at the hospital.

When I called Becky, she requested me to tell the doctors not to do anything until she arrives. When she arrived, she took me out of the hospital to her room in Makerere University. On the way there, I fainted several times. When I regained my consciousness, I found myself in her room on a drip. She and a couple of her friends were praying for me as a result of which I recovered a bit of my strength.

She told me that we were going to a church in Naguru to meet the man of God Apostle Grace Lubega. I also fainted several times before reaching the church. In Naguru, Apostle Grace Lubega prayed for me, declared health in my life and decreed that I would never be sick again. The effect was instantaneous. I walked and jumped like I had never done before. It has been two years now and I have neither fainted nor fallen sick!


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Hilda Kwisereza: Asthma

Hilda developed asthmatic complications in or about 2012. Because of these, she was constantly affected by the cold, smoke and dust. Often, she would have breathing difficulties and lose her consciousness.

During the sermon teaching on the night of the healing chronicles meeting in Makerere University, Hilda started to vomit; her breathing became laboured and increased. This was her deliverance. When the ordeal was over, Hilda managed to tarry through the evening in the open air with no sweater. The heavy breathing stopped; the vomiting stopped. To date, she has never experienced any further complications or the effect of the cold, dust or smoke.

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Nakabugo Ephrance

In the month of March 2014, Ephrance developed a swollen vein that accumulated alot of fluid. It brought a sensation of heaviness in her head that resulted in dizziness. She constantly felt like a drunken person. She underwent an operation wherein she bled profusely. At the end of her operation, there was not much change. Ephrance’s condition impaired her hearing. A protrusion developed in one of her ears and it started to emit puss.

Ephrance was among the patients that were carried from Mulago hospital by the zeal of the students who purposed to see her healed. When the man of God prayed for her, she recovered. The heaviness in her head lifted and she was fully restored.

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